Abyss of Dreams* / 夢之淵*

*The name of the game is still not completed decided yet, but currently going with the name Abyss of Dreams and  夢之淵 unless I find a more suitable name for my game*


  • Turn-based battle system RPG

  • Formation: Normal game mode allows players to choose up to 5 characters to put into their formation within the grid of 9 squares. (Some game mode might have different setups)

  • Flexible Skill system:

    • Individual characters all have a set of specific skills they can choose from, for each character type

    • Each character will have an auto-attack and up to 3 active skills of their choice in battle (can also choose to "equip" passive skills as part of the choices, therefore up to 3).

  • Game Mode:

    • Story Mode​

    • Random Dungeons (Every player might encounter a different dungeon as another player each day)

    • Timed Events

    • Guild War

  • Currently Working on a battle scene demo​, stay tuned by joining Discord!

  • Game is being developed in Unity 3D.

  • If interested in becoming a beta tester and to get the latest news on this development, please join our Discord Channel for this game! Thanks!


Hoppy  Goat

• The ultimate casual platform jumping mobile game.

• Play as a funny little goat, challenging the Olympic record for hops!

• Hop between the endless amount of sweet mountains and eat the most delicious angel cakes!

• Help the little goat succeed in becoming the best hopper in the world!

• Happy hopping!

• Developed in collaboration with two friends: Joseph Burwasser and Michelle Lao!

Game Screens

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